From Monday 14th September the Government is clamping down on large groups and bringing in fines for breaches. The ability to meet in groups of up to 6 stays, just phrased slightly differently.

That maximum of 6 people applies unless you’re coming to a covid secure business which has assessed a list of risk areas the Government has put together or you’re in an educational organisation or part of an organised sporting activity. Again that hasn’t changed.

Cheshire Pony Parties has always taken health & safety very seriously – after all we’re dealing with YOUR children.

When lockdown lifting was announced I devised my own set of covid procedures. There is no industry guidelines for my business and there is no industry body to assist. I talked these through with my licensing body who oversee my health and safety procedures and they were happy with them. I felt that these were robust. I have since validated them against the Government’s guidelines. Every visitor who has commented on the procedures has given positive feedback ie they’ve felt safe. My visitors have also felt reassured by the considerable amount of information provided to them before and after booking.

We’re in the outdoors, children are often from the same family/ school (or just a couple of bubbles) and we have a maximum of 8 children on site at any one time. All risk reducing factors.

So Cheshire Pony Parties will continue to entertain your children safely for parties (up to 8 children) and experiences (for 1 to 6 children). We will need to amend our booking rules/process very slightly but this won’t affect bookings for the vast majority of our visitors.

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10th September 2020

Covid update 11th September 2020.