Designed for individuals/small groups (up to 6) for ages 2-10.

These are available as unicorn encounter with pony pre dressed as a unicorn and gifts unicorn themed. Magical!

Ideal as a birthday or other celebration or as a special gift or treat, or a pony day out.

My new pony/unicorn trails are proving popular – the children ride around an obstacle course collecting goodies along the way. A popular birthday celebration is to top the unicorn trail with an extra 15 minutes to put the unicorn to bed. Involve the whole family by including a fun family chocolate experience (min age 4) – tasty!

Available as a gift voucher option

pony experiences at cheshire pony parties

Standard Pony Experience

  • for 1-4 children
  • from one hour
  • groom, pamper and ride
  • quality gift bag for all riders
  • birthday rosette free
  • option for an extra pony
  • option to put your pony to bed
  • available as unicorn ‘encounter’
  • gift voucher option
  • from £65 first child, £35 each extra child
All in pony experience at cheshire pony parties

All in Pony Experience

  • for up to 6 children
  • from an hour and a half
  • groom, pamper and ride
  • includes party bags for all
  • includes either stroke all the ponies or put the pony to bed
  • deluxe version – ride around obstacle course collecting chocolate tokens at each obstacle
  • option to have extra pony
  • extra time/activity options
  • from £245 per group
Pony and unicorn trails

Pony/Unicorn Trails

  • for 1-4 children
  • from one hour
  • groom, pamper your pony/unicorn
  • ride around the obstacle course collecting goodies along the way
  • may be themed (Christmas Easter etc)
  • gift bag to finish
  • option to put your pony/unicorn to bed
  • birthday rosette free
  • option for additional pony/unicorn
  • from £85 first child, £40 each extra child
Unicorn Encounter

Extra activities

  • leading the pony around an obstacle course
  • preparing the stable and putting the pony to bed
  • painting cutie marks on the pony
  • extra riding time

Older children and adults also catered for – no riding but I can structure an experience to suit.

With a lifetime of riding and horse ownership experience, over 10 years of experience of running pony activities and a wonderful orchard there is always something to chat about/questions to answer.

Pony experiences are available all year round. During the school holidays the pony/unicorn trails are sometimes themed – book your holiday time pony/unicorn trail here.

Term-time week-end bookings for standard experiences April to September can only be confirmed 14 days prior to the event as we are generally busy with parties. We can sometimes take bookings for late afternoons (from 4.30pm)

Bookings for all in experiences will be confirmed within 2 working days.

Week-day bookings and week-end bookings October to March will be confirmed (usually) within 2 working days of your booking.

Want a gift voucher? Simply complete a pony experience booking form, leave the date free and put the to, from and occassion in the comments