Designed for individuals/small groups (up to 4) for ages 2-10. A pony experience is an hour as standard but can be extended with additional activities. Includes pony grooming and pampering plus pony rides

I also offer this with a unicorn, called a unicorn encounter.

Our unicorn trail is proving very popular as a treat or birthday celebration - similar to a pony experience but the children ride around the obstacle trail in the orchard collecting chocolate and craft goodies as they go round.  You'll find all the details for these on our holiday activities page - click here.

Ideal as a birthday (personalised electronic gift vouchers available) or other celebration or as a special gift or treat, or a pony day out.

pony rides for kids
Pony Experience with Poppy

Pony experience format

Your keen pony equestrian(s) or animal lover(s) will enjoy approximately
half an hour grooming and decorating a pony followed by approximately half an
hour riding in our pretty Orchard. The children share one pony unless you
request a second pony.

There’s plenty of opportunity to ask horsey questions and I
share some of my horsey knowledge and tales from a lifetime with equines. We
often chat about the animals, fruit and trees in the orchard.

Following their experience your child will be presented with
a small pony-themed gift chosen by us or you can opt for the gorgeous cuddly
soft toy gift at a small extra charge.

Your child does not require any riding or pony experience to
enjoy activities here.

I’m happy to entertain children older than 10 with more pony
management (learn about the care of the ponies eg putting rugs on, what brushes
to use for what etc) but their legs are usually too long to actually ride!

Our ponies

We have a very tiny (only 36" to her shoulder), pony, Poppy, who is ideal for smaller (from age 2) children to brush, stroke and ride whilst Skittles is suitable for children up to 10 years.  Both ponies are suitable for most special needs children to groom and ride.

Pony experience prices and availability

Session leaders have a number of year’s experience of
ponies/horses and working with children and will tailor the experience around
your child’s age, confidence and preferences. Feel free to find out more about
Amanda here or what visitors have said here.

Experience a Pony is £65 for one child, (£80 if unicorn themed) £35 each for additional children for an hour.

Additional activities include leading the pony around our obstacle course, painting the pony, putting the ponies to bed, additional riding time, cuddly toy gift bag and birthday rosette. Prices are on the booking form (below)


Your child receives a gorgeous cuddly soft toy in a pony party bag with a couple of other
pony themed gifts.

If you're coming to
celebrate your child's birthday your child may appreciate the birthday
experience which includes a big birthday rosette and all participating children
also go into the paddock to stroke all the ponies - a big favourite with

Pony experiences are available all year round.

Term time week-end bookings April to September can only be
confirmed 14 days prior to the event as we are generally busy with parties. We
can sometimes take bookings for late afternoons (from 4.30pm).

Week-day bookings and week-end bookings October to March will be confirmed (usually) within 2 working days of your booking.