Training and support

Training & support to help you set up your own successful pony party business.

Provided by one of the longest established (2008) pony party providers in the UK who has fantastic customer reviews.

So you’re interested in starting your own pony party business? Very exciting.

And you’ve come to the right place if you’d like some support!

I’m one of the first pony party providers in the UK (I started in 2008) and as my fantastic reviews show, offer a truly amazing experience for children as well as providing excellent communication for parents.

Setting up ANY business means you have to get to grips in a number of areas of business pretty quickly – finance, marketing, social media for business, website design, customer services as well as offering the right services and really wowing customers.

On top of this, if you earn money from equines you have to have a license from your local council (well in nearly every case!). This is not a two minute task – infact it took me around 2 months of research and thought to create my documentation to achieve my license.

So what are the things you're struggling with?

  • Getting your riding school license
  • Creating your policies and procedures manual
  • Making a profit or pricing
  • Top 8 website essentials
  • Activities to offer
  • Quickest ways to get your first customers
  • Managing all the admin
  • How to keep control over all the admin
  • The secret to getting amazing reviews every time
  • Getting your website found/ SEO basics
  • Book keeping essentials (even if you get your accountant to 'do it')
  • You don't know where to start!

These are all things I've helped other people who are starting a pony party business in the UK.

They also apply to trekking centres and riding schools

Having run a successful pony party business for 15 years, as well as helping others set up their pony party business  I have  plenty of experience to support you in your new adventure.

I offer a variety of support options to suit you:

  • e-books
  • documentation (forms/records/policies and procedures etc)
  • one off consultations
  • monthly coaching
  • on site training

The first step is to whatsapp me to book a very informal chat - if you're simply looking for an e-book I can quickly arrange that, if you'd like some form of training I'll find out where you're up to and we can discuss how best I might help you quickly get your business set up, getting customers and running profitably.