For this business many of the Covid restrictions have been lifted. Please see the latest information in the green box below

These are subject to the English (Welsh if you're in Wales) Government timetable.

All bookings are extremely flexible so  rebook or refund if covid gets in the way!

Please note as at 1st September 2021 -

children will only be required to wear a mask if they are aged 8-10 AND over 4'9" tall.

adults will only be required to wear a mask whilst helping under 7's on and off a pony and under 4's whilst they ride

As we are outside I don't feel it necessary to wear a mask, however i'm happy to do so if you would prefer me to - just let me know on your arrival.

Birthday celebration options during covid

Last year parents seemed to preferred to stick to either family celebrations or small groups. I've set out briefly the options to help you celebrate your child's birthday as we work our way through the pandemic - hope it helps. Happy to answer any questions - just call me.

Summer 2021


From 17th May

There are no restrictions on numbers outside. Where you are staying for party tea, I am limited to 12 children as the children have to be socially distanced  (in the same way as a restaurant).

Brief summary of options:

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1-3 children 

celebrate with a pony/unicorn trail and finish off with putting the pony/unicorn to bed.
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4-6 children

celebrate with an all in pony experience/unicorn encounter - no party tea

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6-12 children

go for a luxury pony/unicorn party

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Update as at 18th March 2021

We will be open from 29th March for 2 households or groups of 6.

Update at at Jan 2021

We are currently closed for activities until the national lockdown eases, but are still able to take bookings - My view is that we'll open in April/Easter BUT for single households only. My unicorn trails will be themed for Easter and can be combined with chocolate experience for a fun whole family morning or afternoon out-full details on the holiday fun page.

I suspect it will be May before I can host small parties (probably 6 children from max 2 bubbles).

All information offered on this website should be considered in the light of the current guidelines from Government.

All bookings are fully covid flexible - so rebook or refund.

Covid Restrictions (at at Sept 2020)

Whilst we are in an outdoor space, the children (and adults) use the marquee for art/craft and party tea and I've had to assess how many children (and adults) I can safely squeeze in.

I can happily get 8 children socially distanced in the marquee. I don't believe I can get 8 children AND their parents in the marquee socially distanced. I am pondering solutions for this.

To protect me, my family and my livelihood I'm insisting that children wear a mask just whilst they ride as they're in quite close proximity to me whilst riding. I appreciate that this can be a challenge for the under 4's AND that some people/children have an exemption. I'm not a big organisation that can use other staff to continue if someone catches covid - if I get it I can't work-potentially for months - so I'm afraid no mask, no riding.

Again, to protect me, my family and our livelihoods I am not accepting bookings from local lockdown areas - sorry.

  • No bookings from local lockdown areas/tier 4 areas
  • Maximum children permitted at an event 8
  • I would prefer children to enjoy their party tea off-site if possible. If you desperately want to have party tea here only 2 adults will be permitted in the marquee (plus myself), all need to wear masks. Any remaining parents will need to remain outside the marquee.
  • All children and their parent to wear a mask whilst the child is riding (you need to bring your own)
  • Max 1 adult per child, 2 for the birthday girl/boy